3P Enterprise consists of four business units designed to support all of our client’s needs. With alliances in the USA, India, and China, 3P is committed to providing top-shelf services in business performance, resource utilization and work-life balance for the individual, team, and environment.

3P CONSULTING focuses on small to medium-sized firms that require rapid business transformation, improved performance and liquidity. 3P’s value proposition is delivery of improved integration and synchronization of existing processes across the supply chain.

3P ENGINEERING uses math-based design, and modeling methodology to provide accurate, fast and affordable services to deliver improved business performance, resource utilization and team responsiveness to changes in demand mix business growth.

3P ARMO | 3P Automotive Reverse Manufacturing Operations has developed a high-volume disassembly process for high quality, and rapid recovery, reuse, and reclamation of material to support automotive and durable goods manufacturing.