Expand Internationaly from USA to INDIA & CHINA

Advancing Technology & Innovation

Rapid Business Transformation, Improved Performance & Liquidity


foFocuses on Small to Medium-Sized Firms that Require Rapid Business Transformation, Improved Performance & Liquidity.


Uses Math-based Design & Modeling Methodology to Provide Accurate, Fast & Affordable Services to Deliver Improved Business Performance.


Automotive Reverse Manufacturing Operations sas Developed a High-volume Disassembly Process for Rapid Recovery, Reuse & Reclamation.





Performance via Process & People

3P Enterprise consists of four business units designed to support all of our client’s needs. With alliances in the USA, India, and China, 3P is committed to providing top-shelf services in business performance, resource utilization and work-life balance for the individual, team, and environment.


Proven Results

Testimonials of Clients Served

“They brought ideas, experience and insight into the entire sales organization that jump-started us 12 months ahead.”

Breanne Alane

Quantas International, President

“More than just consulting; 3P partners with us every step of the way. All our advisors love the interaction.”

Lawrence Fairbanks

Leer Receiving, Executive VP

“Empathy, real world executive experience, insight, vision and capability to guide, mentor and draw the best from people.”

Bruce Quimbal

Blackstone Shipping, Senior VP

“We established new inside sales processes that streamlined how we followed up and nurtured our prospects.”

Gregory Champeon

IDS Global, VP of Marketing

Rapid Business Transformation

Math-Based Solutions & Performance Metric Management Hire 3P

Executive Chairman

Combined 88 Years of International Business Experience

Steve Abbott

Steve Abbott

President & CEO

Over 20 Years of Experience in Manufacturing Plant Management, Corporate Strategic Planning & Process Engineering.

William F. Burger

William F. Burger

Chief Sales Officer

Experienced in Obsolete Tooling Disposition, Asset Recovery, Powertrain Sales, & the Automotive Restoration Parts Market.

Michael McGrath

Michael McGrath

Chief Technical Officer

Specializing in Supply Chain Engineering,  Material Flow Analysis and Product Launch Activities & Advises on Intellectual Properties.

James Street

James Street

Chief Financial Officer

Over 30 Years of Financial & Operating Experience Providing Advisory & Restructuring Services to Underperforming Suppliers.

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Strengthen Customer & Partner Relationships & Stay relevant via advisory boards, & executive roundtables.

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